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Working for a growing mediation agency

Posted by Chris Seaton on 20 April 2011 | 0 Comments

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We are approaching the deadline of our applications to be in to apply for our new post here at Peaceworks.  You can still download the job spec and application form here and we will then be mulling over the applicants over the Easter holidays.

There's no doubt about it, but working here over the last nine months has been quite a roller-coaster.  If you like a bit of excitement, this is the place to be!  The long and the short of it is that the grant and donation funding upon which our bread-and-butter work in schools relied collapsed really suddenly between 2008 and 2010.  We were planning for a gradual change to a mixed economy of grants and fee-based based work, but things moved quicker than we expected.  By the Summer, we had chewed up a lot of our reserves and realised that we had to start behaving like a small business rather than a charity - and now!

It's a bit a life principle I suppose - grow or die - and that's what we faced.  It's been hard work but we have grown the income steadily and now we have reached a point where we need some help in developing the systems and administration of Peaceworks.  Our part-time administrator left in March and our full-time programme co-ordinator leaves in May so its time for a new look at our offiice and operations.  Two of our key mediators and trainers have also come on staff, so that Micha Jazz now looks after training and Annie Sneller the schools work.  We hope the new post will become a fourth member of our leadership team.

Do you know anyone who would be interested in this opportunity to extend themselves?  A successful applicant, as well as getting to work in a fascinating and growing profession, would be trained as a mediator themselves.  Please do pass on the jobs link to anyone in your circle of contacts you think might be intereted.