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The Magic of Connection

Posted by Chris Seaton on 17 June 2011 | 0 Comments


People randomly connecting with each other is amazing, isn’t it?  How many times do you think, ‘how weird that I should bump into that person here?’  On Sunday, Lotty & I were cycling on the South Downs Way.  We passed only half a dozen people in an hour.  One of these people was a work colleague’s daughter who lives 50 miles away.  (Her husband commented to her later, ‘how come Chris didn’t seem surprised?’)

Have you had such an experience recently?  This morning an associate mediator called my office to catch up.  He told me how one of his best friends met a South African guy who took a course I led in Wales last month.  The week before at a meeting in Southampton he met a mediation trainer from Buckinghamshire who trained me in London who was talking about our schools work in West Sussex.  Different spaces and places.  But many connections

Okay, I know Peaceworks isn’t the centre of the universe!  But the arts of mediation and peace-building are built around the magic of connections: especially restoring and repairing damaged connections.  It’s fun stuff to play with.

How are you connecting with this phenomenon?