I think the training was very good because it helped me with my confidence



Schools Peer Mediation

Many people heard about us first in school!  We have been working in the schools of West Sussex since 2002 and since then we expanded to work in schools across the South East. To date, we have reached over 20,000 children, 600 school teachers, and partnered with 70 schools with the skills and message of peer mediation.

What is peer mediation?

Peer mediation is a conflict resolution technique that trains school children as volunteer mediators to work with their peers. In each school we help staff and students set up a Peer Mediation Scheme through which the volunteer mediators work with their peers to help resolve low level conflicts, address bullying, and prevent fights. The curriculum-based scheme is supported by school staff who also receive mediation skills training.

Our Peer Mediation (PM) in Schools Programme has proved to be a powerful, positive initiative because it offers effective life skills, conflict resolution tools and support to anti-bullying strategies.  A key aspect of the schools programme is sustainability - we aim that all schools where we work for 18-30 months will be able sustain their peer mediation schemes with minimum support from us.  We use a whole school approach - we have discovered that these simple, transferable skills need to be practiced and lived by everyone in school if children are to catch their value.

Has it made a difference?
At schools where PM has been introduced, staff report many positive changes, including:

a more relaxed and positive learning environment
- reduced staff time in dealing with pupil conflicts
- a reduction in the incidence of behavioural problems and bullying
- a reduction in truancy

All these messages tell us that Peer Mediation in Schools is successful, and doing exactly what was intended: helping children get along better.

I've done lots of training courses and this one was superbly run and managed


I'm delighted to see initiatives like Peaceworks in Schools helping children feel safer and happier

Nick Gibb MP Schools Minister

'I like being a mediator. It helps solve a lots of people's problems and lets them get on with school life.'

Rahmina, aged 11

'The principles and techniques taught by Peaceworks are used in the playground everyday.'

Year 6 teacher

'Establishing lasting peace is the work of education; all politics can do is keep us out of war.'

Maria Montessori

'If we are to teach real peace in this world, and if we are to carry on a real war against war, we shall have to begin with the children.'

Mahatma Gandhi

Squabbles never come to me now. They are being resolved. Conflict among pupils has definitely reduced

Chris Silk

Headteacher, South Bersted School

'Training in Peer Mediation can impart life skills for children which they can put into effect in school, at home, and ultimately in the community.'

William Babinsky

'We found Chris and the team highly approachable, full of good ideas and able to listen and understand the needs of school.'

Steve Williams

St Philip Howard Catholic High School

'I have no hesitation in recommending Peaceworks to both primary and secondary schools.'

Dick Bryant

Director of Community Learning

Sir Robert Woodard Academy

'We have always found Peaceworks' staff lovely, friendly and easy to work with. My staff enjoy having them in school.'

Head Teacher

'Your staff training gives good skills to transfer into own life.'

Marion Daley

Headteacher at Bartons Infant School

I totally see the skills that you are teaching these children as being life skills,skills that they need to learn so that they can grow up to be thoughtful, considerate and caring adults.


Teaching Assistant

Durrington Middle School

I found the training fun and I've learned to be a calmer person

Year 5 student

Your input to our school is so important


St Philip Howard School

Thank you for your kind words and for all your invaluable help in making peer mediation such a success at SPH.

DT Headteacher

St Philip Howard School